Object No26/33


the plumette

compact with feather detail



This item measures approx:

Height 7.2cm
Width 8cm

The Plumette is feather patterned on one side and pin spots on the other. The details are gorgeous and it is in wonderful condition. It opens to reveal a mirror, powder area and lipstick case – with vestiges of an old coral shade. Let me know if you want that kept or removed. There are no dark markings on the feathers; the sheen makes it impossible to photograph without shadow.

HOW TO USE: I would display it one week one side and one week the other.

HOW TO CARE: Clean with a soft jewellery cloth to restore shine and remove any dust or dirt. For a deeper clean wash with warm soapy water.

* This pre-loved compact shows small signs of wear and tear. Please take all care and handle gently.

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