Object No31/33


the forget-me-not

a pair of ornamental bracelets



These items measure approx:

The Forget-Me-Not 18.2cm x 0.75cm
The Double Diamond 19cm x 1.5cm

The Forget-Me-Knot pair is a special combination together. The shine of the flat double diamonds contrasts well with the brushed metal of the forget-me-knot bracelet. Mixing and matching collections are what makes them unique and personal.

HOW TO WEAR: I found them individually and married them because their contrasts make each shine brighter. Why wear one when we can wear two?

HOW TO CARE: Clean with a soft jewellery cloth to restore shine and remove any dust or dirt. For a deeper clean wash with warm soapy water.

* These pre-loved bracelets show small signs of wear and tear. Please take all care and handle gently.

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