Object No7/33


the guerlain cuff

filigree style open cuff



This item measures approx:
Length 18cm
Width 4cm

The Guerlain Cuff, made in France, must have an interesting provenance. The fastenings are marked Guerlain and I expect it was made for a fragrance launch or some other promotional event. I see objects, choose them for their unique style and beauty and regardless of their beginnings, decide to love them. This bracelet is decorative and unique, especially for the Francophiles amongst us.

HOW TO WEAR: The interlocking filagree gives the impression of a finer piece and yet this bracelet is quite a statement. Wear it alone and contrast with masculine style suiting or add it to your floatiest dress. When more is more, try it with The Forget-Me-Knot Pair.

HOW TO CARE: Clean with a soft jewellery cloth to restore shine and remove any dust or dirt. For a deeper clean wash with warm soapy water.

* This pre-loved bracelet shows small signs of wear and tear. Please take all care and handle gently.

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